2023 Sustainability Report

Working Together for a Sustainable Tomorrow

At Kraton, sustainability and innovation are at the core of everything we do – driving our mission to create a positive impact on the world. By embedding these principles into our operations, we are committed to delivering long-term value for our stakeholders and the environment.

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Our Approach to Sustainability

Our sustainability strategy is crucial, promoting innovation and creating lasting value for the environment, communities, and partners.

Reliable Partners

We innovate to deliver sustainable solutions that help our customers reduce environmental impact during product manufacturing, processing, use, and end-of-life.

Preserving Planet

We mitigate environmental risks through our environmental management systems and policies, which are designed to achieve Zero Harm, ensuring no harm to our employees, communities, or the environment.  

Empowering People

Our mission is centered on building a better future for our people and communities.

Message from our CEO

Marcello Boldrini

Chief Executive Officer

Message from our Chief Sustainability Officer

As we deepen our sustainability focus, it becomes increasingly ingrained in our operations, underscoring our passion for value-added innovation and responsible practices. As Kraton continues this journey, we remain committed to transparent and informed decision making, reflecting our commitment to our customers and stakeholders.

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